Erica Charters, Principal Investigator


Associate Professor of Global History and the History of Medicine 

Director, Oxford Centre for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology

Co-director, Oxford Centre for Global History

University of Oxford


Research: I am interested in the history of infectious disease, and particularly the relationship between endemic disease and epidemic disease.  I also work on the history of quantitative approaches to disease and health, including statistics, population health, disease modelling, and mortality statistics. 

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Relevant publications include:

Five ways to ensure that models serve society: a manifesto (with Saltelli et al.), Nature (2020) 582: 482 – 484.

The history of science and medicine in the context of COVID‐19 (with McKay, RA), Centaurus (2020) 62: 223– 233.

Disease, War, and the Imperial State (University of Chicago Press, 2014).